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Sedgley Town Centre 4pm - 7pm

Head into Sedgley to kick off the festive season in style on Sunday 26 November for an afternoon of fantastic activities and entertainment, all leading up to the Christmas lights at 6.30pm.

Sedgley Christmas Lights

There's something for everyone to get into the Christmas spirit, and the fun begins at 4pm.


Funfair: Revel in the jubilant atmosphere of the funfair, with rides that promise excitement and festive fun for attendees of all ages.

Market Stalls: Wander through a collection of market stalls, where you can find unique holiday gifts, handcrafted items, and scrumptious seasonal goodies.

Street Entertainment: Experience the vibrancy of Sedgley as local performers grace the streets with captivating acts, adding to the festive spirit of the evening.